My friend Sarah and I like to say rage is good. Part of this is self-serving -- it excuses our high-pitched ranting and makes us feel less guilty about all the angry flailing about we do. But I also think it's true. I'm suspicious of people who aren't angry about something. (You know, like the full-frontal assault on women's rights; the wacky, right-wing hatred of immigrants; the fact that they still serve spam in school cafeterias.)

But it's not enough to be angry, because then you just sit around and complain a lot. And become the kind of person who stops getting invited to parties. And (if you're me) develop premature eyebrow wrinkles.

Sarah and I decided to do something with all that rage -- otherwise we weren't sure we'd be able to survive living in Alabama (there's a lot to be angry about in Alabama). So we cause some trouble and encourage our friends to do the same -- so far, we've even managed to avoid getting arrested.

That's what this blog documents -- some of our rage-inspired shenanigans, some ranting ala me, and other things in between.

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