"Pro-life is anti-woman"

In honor of George Carlin, r.i.p. My favorite part: "How come when it's us, it's an abortion, and when it's a chicken, it's an omelet? Are we so much better than chickens all of a sudden? ... When's the last chicken you heard about who came home and beat the shit out of his hen? Doesn't happen, because chickens are decent people."

(p.s. Lovely people who get this via email, you may need to scoot over to the Rage is Good blog to see the embedded video.)


Anonymous said...

Well he missed it on this one as most do. With the chicken - the egg you're eating is not fertilized - doesn't have a living being in it so..... you're not killing anything or anyone when you cook it. With the human -abortion is taking the life of a living being - egg is fertilized and cell division is or has been taking place, depending on how far along the pregnancy is and if you look at later stages via ultrasound or other imaging technologies you see what - hands, feet, fingers, toes, eyes, nose, mouth, arms, legs - you can hear a beating heart.... I rest my case folks - what else could it be but life.

Bottom line is the chicken illustration is incorrect because you don't kill in that case with abortion you do. Simple... yes but never-the-less true.


Anonymous said...

By the way.... pro-life is not anti-woman. That is an abject lie and you know it! If anything I would change it for the pro-abortion folks as being anti-childern or anti-child. What greater abuse is it than to kill innocent childern in a most horrible way. Would you want ot be torn apart the way most are during this procedure?? Do you not think it painful?? There's no
question that it is.

Bottom line is... does it not bother you that this happens to childern. Everyone always says everthing is "for the childern" well, this procedure is not for the childern it't do kill the childern - sacraficed on the altar of your convenience.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the hypocrisy of Conservatives that George points out in this clip. But I am woman, I am a feminist and I believe you can be pro-life and not be anti-woman.